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The public charging station from Etrel is highly configurable and can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. It allows simultaneous charging of two vehicles with power of up to 2×22 kW and can be equipped with any standard type of AC charging sockets. Smart energy meters as well as all optional utility feeder equipment are embedded in the station. The station is equipped with an RFID identification module, which prevents unauthorised use.


The station is designed to be easily installed and seamlessly incorporated into any environment. Its modular structure allows future upgrades and simplifies the maintenance process. Its vital parts are protected from weather and vandalism with a robust enclosure that is locked and easily accessed by the maintenance staff. The charging station can be additionally protected with a pair of steel railings. Appearance of the station can be adjusted to correspond to your visual identity.


Charging station operators and electromobility service providers can rely on Etrel’s charging stations to fully support their electromobility business models. With the open protocol connection to the charging infrastructure control centre (OCPP), the station supports user identification, reservation of charging spots, and remote power management.


The intuitive multi-lingual interface leads the EV user through the whole charging process. Current status of ongoing charging processes is clearly displayed on the LCD screen, while the different colours of LED lighting of the charging sockets (available as an option) make sure that the availability of the charging station is clearly visible to all passing drivers. The ergonomic design makes the charging station simple and easy to use, maintain and operate.

Number of charging sockets: 2 sockets for simultaneous charging
Socket type: Three or single-phase 7 pole IEC 62196-2 Type 2 Mode 3, with optional lid locking and LED signalization
Type of charging: AC charging single or three-phase
Output power of each socket: Up to 22 kW per socket
Output current of each socket: Up to 32 A per socket (per phase)
Output voltage: 230 V single-phase or 400 V three-phase
Electrical protection: Overcurrent, differential (fast RCD), overvoltage (optional), and software protection (current measurement, contactor welding, etc.)
Grid connection: All grid connection point equipment can be installed inside the station – no need to install a separate cabinet
Dimension of supply power cable: Up to 16 mm2
Energy metering: Embedded smart energy meter for each socket
Communication: Ethernet (standard) or GSM (optional)
User identification: RFID identification (13,56 MHz, supports smart cards compliant with ISO/IEC 14443 A and ISO/IEC 15693 standards)
User interface: LCD display on the station
Locking: Robust single point locking system with front side opening of service doors
Enclosure: Robust single point locking system with front side opening of service doors
Installation: Stainless steel, powder coated with anti-graffiti coating
Installation height of charging sockets: 1105 mm


The charging station connects to the charging infrastructure control centre via high-level TCP protocols, which enables effortless integration with customer’s legacy systems. Each station sends live status updates, handles user authorisations, and receives charging plans, instructions for operation, and reservations. The station can respond in real-time to power management commands from the operator. Communication with the control centre uses web services and is carried out via a GSM network or an existing local communication network. In clusters of charging stations, a single master station can act as the main communication gateway for the whole cluster to reduce system demands and costs. All stations can be remotely parameterised or updated with the latest firmware.


The station is equipped with overcurrent, differential and ground fault protection devices and constantly monitors their status. No voltage is present in the charging sockets until the vehicle is properly connected and the user successfully authorised. During charging, the cable is locked into the socket. Optionally, the socket’s lid can be locked whenever not in use. The charging station achieves level 54 IP and 08 IK protection and is compliant with the IEC 61851 standard.

Open multi-level architecture

Control centre comprises communication, data, and application servers. Communication with charging stations takes place on the lowest level. Industry standard protocols (e.g. OCCP, etc.) are supported to allow bi-directional communication with a large number of charging stations from various manufacturers. The middle level supports and optimises operator’s internal processes; the highest level is represented by communication with other actors in the electromobility ecosystem.

Real-time handling of data, reservations and EV user requests

The online interface displays locations of all charging stations in a single list or on a map and shows real-time data about their operation and current status. The centre also handles user authorisation requests, reservations and transfers billing data. A list of all charging events is created automatically. Charging stations can be remotely controlled, parameterised or updated with the latest firmware. The built-in asset management functionality allows management of charging stations’ technical data and dynamic upgrades of the charging infrastructure.

Automated operation

The system can operate automatically with almost no need for manual intervention and constant monitoring of charging infrastructure. Communication with charging stations can be performed automatically or initiated on demand. In the event of malfunctions or other charging events, the system automatically notifies the maintenance crew.

Reports and maintenance of infrastructure

An in-depth analysis of charging infrastructure usage and energy consumption quickly identifies the most and least utilised charging stations, allowing the operator to plan the future investments accordingly.

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